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Zombie Fuel

Retail Price: $75.00 Your Price: $45.00/ Size: 750ml Bottle

New Release    Limited Edition

Good morning, Zombie! This big bourbon has been nestled in the back corner of the aging room. Aged for 3 years on whole dark-roasted coffee beans and almonds. Big vanilla & caramel overtones. Hint of cinnamon. Signature aging recipe of the distiller from 2007. Not for the timid. 58% 116 proof. Full barrel strength.

Indiana Bourbon

Price: $55.00 / Size: 750ml Bottle

This Bourbon has gone through 2 years of aging in an oak barrel. This leads to a complex well-balanced blend. It has many outstanding features. Right from the start you think sweet, fruity. In the middle of your taste sensation there are more subtle notes of vanilla & caramel that develop into a slightly spicy finish. Rye Bourbon. Single Barrel. Exceptional Bourbon! 106 proof.


“Spirit of the Year” Platinum 96 Points

Indiana Whiskey

Price: $30.00 / Size: 750ml Bottle

We have named this Whiskey, Indiana Whiskey for several reasons. This distinctly rye whiskey has all the earthy, spicy notes, with subtle hints of root beer, & vanilla toffee. Its oak nuances remind you of the smell of a basketball court. The natural color comes directly from barrel aging. 48% alc. 96 proof

 Platinum 94 Points

Black Jack Whiskey

Price: 45.00 / Size: 750ml Bottle

Black Jack is Whiskey for the bold, adventurous type. Its subtle hints of Butterscotch and vanilla stand out. Mint is a hidden gem in this well-balanced Whiskey. Each taste can be more aggressive as it coats your pallet. Finishes with a bit of leather and hints of allspice. Produced in small batch barrels, this stunning rye will keep you coming back. 58% alc. 116 proof.

Platinum 94 Points

Cedar Street

Price: $50.00 / Size: 750ml Bottle

Notes of cedar, tobacco, and apple crisp. Sweet & savory up front like salted caramel. Hints of clove & cinnamon, with a subtle smoke that lingers into the finish. Perfect, clean wheat flavor. Made from corn and wheat. Fine Artisan spirit. Single barrel. 55%alc. / 110 proof

Gold Medal, Platinum 93 Points

1840 Whiskey

Price: 40.00 / Size: 750ml Bottle

Our 1840 whiskey is named after our historic distillery barn built in 1840. Double-oaked and aged for two years to get the flavorful smoky bacon flavor. Some might even taste a hint of smoked salmon in the middle of your taste. This flavorful Whiskey with 85% of its mash bill being Rye, one is bound to pick up that signature spicy finish. 53% alc. 108 proof

Silver 90 points “RoundTable #1 pick”


Price: $45.00 / Size: 750ml Bottle

Big corn, not for the timid. Sweet hints of candy corn. Oak, leather, dried dark fruit, caramel, citrus peels, & cocoa. Baking spice, grassy fresh corn, clove, hints of dried apples. Cinnamon, fig, and vanilla. A true sipper! Full barrel strength, NO dilution has been done. Full-bodied & earthy. Complex light smoke finish.

Gold Medal 93 points 

55%alc. / 110 proof

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