Our wines have been highly awarded, winning over 100 trophies and medals at very prestige International wine competitions. Our love and dedication to wine comes through in every bottle we produce. We are persistent, serious and extremely passionate about wine, although we know that “without persistence, passion is just a dream”.

2020 Cavort

Price: $16.99 / 750ml Bottle

(RIESLING) Flavors of green apples, honey and rose blossoms. Hints of pineapple. Displays flowery aromas. Bright and crisp. Well balanced blend of acidity and sweetness.

Pair: Asian & Carribean dishes, angel food cake.

Serve at 45 degrees.

2020 Chardonnay

Price: $17.99 / 750ml Bottle

Silver Medal. Beautiful lightly wooded wine. Aromas of apple, pear, & allspice. Bright natural acidity, with a nice butter finish. Excellent wine. Notes of marigold, lemon.

Pair: Chicken & fish.

13% alc.

2020 Sweet Peach

Price: $14.99 / 750ml Bottle

Oh, for the love of peach! Delicious ripe peach. Juicy, succulent notes of fresh peaches. The best dang peach you will ever have! Crisp & pleasant.

2020 Sweet Lailah

Price: $13.99 / 750ml Bottle

Bursting with sweet flavors. Snappy accents of fresh grape juice. Try it with pizza! A great patio wine. Developed 1849 in Concord Mass. An American grape.

Cellar at 60 degrees.

Serve chilled.

2020 Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: $24.00 / 750ml Bottle

Big red. Aromas of blackberry jam, charred wood & cedar. Rich full-bodied wine is well-structured with firm tannins, ripe dark fruit flavors of black currant & a cranberry finish. Layered with notes of raisin & white pepper.

Pair: Red meats. 13.5% alc

5 time Gold medal winner

2020 Moon Jazz

Price: $29.99 / 750ml Bottle

Port/Dessert/Fortified wine. 18% alc. Notes of amaretto, almond and caramel. Delicate smoothness.

Big trophy Winner. Wine of the Year! Gold Medal 2019.


2021Chambourcin Black

Price: $15.99 / 750ml Bottle

Rich full flavored wine. Raspberry aromas. Bubble gum, strawberry & cherry notes fill your palate with juicy red fruit. Black cherry finish. Nice balance between acidity & sweetness. Complex wine.

Pair: Salad, BBQ, sausage, sirloin steak.

2020 Merlot Dry

Price: $21.99 / 750ml Bottle

DRY RED Full bodied. Rich flavors & substantial mouthfeel. Aromas of leather, red raspberry & toasty oak set the stage for a palate of decadent black cherry, pepper & vanilla. Truffle notes.

Pair: tenderloin, burgers

14.5% alc.

Bronze winner!

2019 Barbera

Price: $21.00 / 750ml Bottle

BARBERA:(NASC-0) 1.3 g/l Fresh plums & aromas of incense, licorice & cocoa beans. Ultimate food wine! Love the cedar! Notes of pepper, smoke & tree moss. Gold medal!

2021 Bekkar Dry

Price: $17.99 / 750ml Bottle

(CHAMBOURCIN and CHANCELLOR) Chocolate covered espresso bean and sweet cherry aromas. Ripe currant, black raspberry and cherry flavor. Aged in oak barrels. Dry with a big raspberry finish.

2020 Kabinette

Price: $16.99 / 750ml Bottle

DRY WHITE Floral wine lead with notes of peach, pineapple and nectarine. Crisp & refreshing. Versatile wine pairs with many food items.

Pairing suggesting: fresh vegetables, ham, chicken dishes, baked brie. Riesling dates back to the 15th century.

Serve chilled.

2021 Moscato

Price: $14.99 / 750ml Bottle

Bright, delightfully delicious with lush fruity aromas. Flavors of creamy peach & apricots. Sweet Zaftig finish. Gold medal.

Pair: Seafood, fresh fruit & cake.

2023 Blackberry Jam

Price: $14.99 / 750ml Bottle

Big blackberry POW! Sweet mama, this is good! Try with angel food cake.

Limited Time Offer! Pick it up in-store only!

2020 Cabernet Franc

Price: $27.00 / 750ml Bottle

(NASC-0) 1.8 g/l Big robust, earthy body & distinctive cherry & lavender aroma. Long acidic finish. Notes of strawberry, roasted pepper & plum. 80% Cab. Franc/20% Cab. Sauv. Mother of Cab. Sauv. Main grape used in Bordeaux wines.

Pair: roast chicken, pork, beef. Soups.

14.5% alc.

6 Gold medals

3 Silver medals International competitions

Double Gold winner

2016 Blaufrankisch Super Blend

Price: $46.00 / 750ml Bottle

Chocolate. Pepper. Cherry. Caramel. Blueberry. Smoke. Flint. Soy Sauce. Dark Chocolate. Sea Salt. Black Cherry/Currant. Pepper. Strawberry. Hazelnut. Spice. Soft fruit. Spice. Leather. Plum. Mixed Fruit. Blueberry. Smooth Finish.

2 Gold medals, 3 silvers, 1 bronze.

Wax sealed bottled. 43% Blaufrankisch/ 18% Cab Franc/ 14% Cab Sauv/ 14% Merlot/ 11%

2016 Moi De Quinn Super Blend

Price: $52.00 / 750ml Bottle

Black Currant. Strawberry. Black Tea. Pine. Vanilla. Gooseberry. Plum. Oak. Pepper. Charred Oak. Red Raspberry. Black Tea. Montgomery Cherries. Thyme. Pepper. Cherry. Lemon Zest. Big Acidity. Big Finish.

Best of show winner, 4 Gold, 2 silvers, 1 Bronze.

Wax sealed bottles 48% Chambourcin/23% Merlot/11% Dornfelder/ 8%Cab Franc/ 8%Cab Sauv/ 2% Blaufrankisch

2016 It Is Written

Price: $56.00 / 750ml Bottle

Cherry. Smoke. Tobacco. Mocha. Cedar. Sandalwood. Roasted Almonds. Blackberry. Cherry. Clove. Nutmeg. Mocha. Almonds. Hazelnut. Blackberry. Cedar. Black Pepper. Black Coffee. Hint of Caramel. Flint. Long Finish.

2019 Best Cabernet Sauvignon winner American Wine Society.

4 silvers. 21 Medals won.

81% Cabernet Sauvignon/19% Cabernet Franc

2019 Petite Sirah

Price: $26.00 / 750ml Bottle

PETITE SIRAH: (NASC-0) .79 g/l Earthy notes, hints of truffle, mushroom & pepper. Aromas of blueberry, chocolate & tobacco. Big tannins, acidic/spicy finish.

2021 Miscela

Price: $17.00 / 750ml Bottle

Petite Sirah Rose. Richness of a dry red, but with a hint of sweet fruit, Food friendly. Deep, dark rose blend.


2020 Sunbaked Mihr

Price: $16.99 / 750ml Bottle

(MARECHAL FOCH Grapes) Layers of dark cherries, wild berries, raspberries and a bit of plum. Stainless steel aged. No oak. Hints of pepper and spice. Pair with Lasagna and meatballs. So Italian. Dry wine with nice fruit.

Pair: roast chicken, pork, beef. Soups.

14.5% alc.

6 Gold medals

3 Silver medals International competitions

Double Gold winner

2023 Marshmallow Cup

Price: $14.99 / 750ml Bottle

Toasted notes and a hint of chocolate. Cold night, fireside wine. YAY!

Limited Time Offer! Pick it up in-store only!


Price: $26.00 / 750ml Bottle

EXQUIS: 1.9 g/l Citrus, peach, grassy notes. Honeydew, flint note. Pleasant mineral finish. Hint of vanilla, and slight oak. Creamy finish.

2021 Sweet Riesling

Price: $14.99 / 750ml Bottle

Sweet Riesling: Aromas of cotton candy, green apple & mango. Sweet Fruit Loop finish.

Pair: Chicken.

2018 Lust

Price: $26.00 / 750ml Bottle

Bourbon Barrel Aged 2 years LUST 15.9% alc. Smooth, grenache grape meets Bourbon. Aromas and taste of the barrel. Collect all 7 SDS series.

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