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If our spirit does not win a big medal, we do not sell it.
These premium spirits are big proof. Less water equals more whiskey, ergoflavor.
Bourbon Indiana Bourbon  “Spirit of the YearPlatinum 96 Points Retail 70   Your price 55
This Bourbon has gone through 2 years of aging in an oak barrel. This leads to a complex well-balanced blend. It has many outstanding features. Right from the start you think sweet, fruity. In the middle of your taste sensation there are more subtle notes of vanilla & caramel that develop into a slightly spicy finish. Rye Bourbon. Single Barrel. Exceptional Bourbon! 106 proof

Cedar St Bourbon        Gold Medal 93 points              Retail 65  Your Price 50             
Notes of cedar, tobacco, and apple crisp. Sweet & savory up front like salted caramel. Hints of clove & cinnamon, with a subtle smoke that lingers into the finish. Perfect, clean wheat flavor. Made from corn and wheat. Fine Artisan spirit. Single barrel. 55%alc. / 110 proof

Indiana Whiskey               Platinum 94 Points             Retail 40   Your price 30
We have named this Whiskey, Indiana Whiskey for several reasons. This distinctly rye whiskey has all the earthy, spicy notes, with subtle hints of root beer, & vanilla toffee. Its oak nuances remind you of the smell of a basketball court. The natural color comes directly from barrel aging. 48% alc. 96 proof

  1840 Whiskey   Silver 90 points “RoundTable #1 pick”  Retail 55  Your price 40
Our 1840 whiskey is named after our historic distillery barn built in 1840. Double-oaked and aged for two years to get the flavorful smoky bacon flavor. Some might even taste a hint of smoked salmon in the middle of your taste. This flavorful Whiskey with 85% of its mash bill being Rye, one is bound to pick up that signature spicy finish. 53% alc. 108 proof
   Black Jack                           Platinum 94 points           Retail 60  Your price 45
Black Jack is Whiskey for the bold, adventurous type. Its subtle hints of Butterscotch and vanilla stand out. Mint is a hidden gem in this well-balanced Whiskey. Each taste can be more aggressive as it coats your pallet. Finishes with a bit of leather and hints of allspice. Produced in small batch barrels, this stunning rye will keep you coming back. 58% alc. 116 proof